Since the number of contract stores is one of the largest in Nakasu, there are many job offers for night work part-time jobs, and stable high income can be earned.
The first thing is for girls to earn safely and securely. We do not dispatch to touch-type or sex shops.

Completely free commuting and easy to work

No reminder to go to work! Free days of the week! Of course there is no quota! Also, you will not be forced to exchange contacts. You don’t have to forcibly dispatch to a store you don’t want to go to. If you are not motivated, you just need to contact me to go to work. I want to earn! I want to work! It’s okay if you don’t try too hard and go to work without overdoing it.

Perfect security

18 security cameras installed. Equipped with 120 lockers with keys. You can leave your valuables with confidence. The most important thing is to create an environment where the cast can work comfortably without any anxiety.