What do you do for a garden with shade? Do you just leave it thinking that you can’t grow any plants? The good news is that you can plant shrubs for shade. These shade shrubs love shade, can do with little sunlight and can even be grown as evergreen shrubs. A garden without shade is a garden without tranquility. Even in total shade, there are many bushes that can be easily grown and you can enjoy their beauty.

Ferns grow very well in shade, even in deep shade. In fact there is a long list of ferns which can be very handy. The conditions that suit ferns is partial shade, a little moisture and a cool weather. Some of them grow in dry regions and some are evergreen. Since they need very less light, the spring flowering bulbs grow easily in the shade, but there are others like the schizostylis which flower at other times of the year. 450 bushmaster ammo

Most plants which can tolerate shade need to be compensated by good conditions like –

• Good nutrient rich soil
• Moisture

Also, if a variegated plant grows under a big tree, it might not get the proper moisture or nutrients since the roots of the big tree would soak up them up. You need to supply the additional nutrients and moisture locking materials in these cases. But preferably you should avoid planting large trees in your garden because it drains out a lot resources from the surroundings.

There can be multiple variations of shade:

1. Light shade: This is the region which gets shade as the sun moves, but in general get a good amount of light throughout the day. The full sun plants will easily grow here, and if the region is quite hot, then probably it may come to you as a relief since you need not water them too much. You can plant flowering shrubs in this region.

2. Medium shade: These are the regions where full sun plants cannot grow easily, but with a lot of care may as well survive. These regions are blocked by a structure of a big tree, and thus the sunlight is permanently blocked from that region for most parts of the day. There is a long list of shrubs and shade plants that flower and can grow quite well in this region.

3. Deep shade: These regions receive minimum to no shade at all because of thick hedges or a building nearby. Now in this scenario you got to plant only those hardy plants which can tolerate shade. There are a lot of shade loving shrubs and deciduous shrubs which can survive here.

If you follow this method of classifying the regions and accordingly plant the shrubs for shaded areas in your shade garden, then you can master the art of shrubs for shade.