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Can You Run A Business From A Self-storage Unit?

People use self-storage when moving, downsizing, renovating, traveling, placing off-season items and so much more, but how many people actually thought about the possibility of running a small business from a storage unit? At first, you might think that it is not possible or maybe that it is not legal. Well, you are right, to a certain extent. On the other hand, if you can operate a business from your own home, why not do the same from a unit? Storage facilities provide plenty of space for all types of possessions and even business supplies, inventory and materials, but there are much more uses that you can find when you have enough area available. For instance, online retailers, artists, local landscapers or video producers could definitely use a storage unit productively and efficiently. Undoubtedly, such a unit allows you to bring in a desk with a computer or laptop that you can use for editing after shooting videos. The same thing applies for contractors and local landscapers because they can place their tools or equipment there, from drills and saws to leaf blowers and lawn mowers.

Aspects to consider when choosing a storage facility for your business

Nevertheless, even if you decide to use a self storage unit like self storage Jacksonville for running your small business, you still need to pay attention to certain important aspects. First, you have to ensure that you explore the facilities available and you choose the right one for your needs. During the process selection, you might want to discuss with the manager because it will help you discover the services offered by the respective facility and determine if you could benefit from those solutions. Secondly, you have to consider the level of security provided by the facility. You can check the surrounding very carefully and assess by yourself the security methods used. You should see advanced security systems around and inside the facility, from a solid fence and intruder alarms to cameras and bodyguards. You may also take into consideration storage insurance, but before making a decision, find out if it comes separately or included in the renting price. The location of the facility is also extremely important because you do not need to spend hours in your car to get there.

Assess the benefits of operating a business from a self-storage unit

Well, when it comes to businesses, the main goal of any owner is to save as much money because possible while making great profit. Self-storage allows you to do just that, mainly because you will no longer have to pay bills and overheads, which will result in a significant costs reduction. If you believe that the old office will be more comfortable than a tight storage unit will, you are wrong. First, you possess the freedom to choose the size of the unit you need for operating the business without feeling like becomeing in a box the entire time. Secondly, you benefit from increased flexibility and a constant environment for your office supplies or other business items due to the climate-controlled option.

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