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Don’t Keep These 5 Items in the Garage

If you don’t have a room in your house and you are using your garage as a storage room, then you might feel disappointed later on as the moisture and heat could damage or destroy the important stuff you are keeping in the garage. Here is a list of items that you should never be stored in your garage at any cost. You should never store any kind of food in your garage because the temperature fluctuations can create the cans metal and the metal lids on glass jars to rust. It can make a chemical reaction in the food that makes it unfit for the consumption. Never store beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages in to your garage, and try to store them in a dark, cool, and comfortable place inside your house.

Propane tanks can leak, and even a one spark can start a fire when leaking a propane tank is present. The better approach is to store the propane tanks in a well-ventilated area a minimum of 25 feet away from your house.  Most of the people prefer to store the pet food in the garage and the rats can easily chew through the bags it usually comes in.

If you don’t have any other place and want to store it in the bag, then you should keep it in a metal container.  Never store photographs and books because the heat and moisture of the room can eat the glue, and the extreme condition can also cause the photo’s edge to cover, so you must find the better place to keep them inside, secure, and protected. The items that you should store in your garage door include car supplies, tools and maintenance items, camping equipment, and outdoor toys. If you are still not sure how to manage, then contact Garage Door Suppliers Edison for further information.

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