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Everything you need to know about using shoulder-moving straps

Moving straps are used to lift heavy items that you couldn’t easily manage including washing machines, file cabinets, wooden dressers, and sofas. If you are taking the assistance of your friend, moving straps are essential.  There are two designs of moving straps, shoulder and forearm. Both versions could be easily purchased with $25 and $40 dollars.

Whether you are working with a forearm or shoulder strap, you should follow the basic guidelines given below: First of all, read the instructions to get the process about how to position the straps, and how to lift them properly. Wear the appropriate shoes and clothes the shoes should not be sturdy, and wear comfortable cloth. Take the measurement of furniture, doorways, halls, and staircases, and if you want additional space then you can remove the doors from hinges for additional space.  Make a clear path, then decide the best route and let your assistant know what the plan is to do this job accurately.

Place the straps either on the forearm, shoulders, or across the chest according to the instructions, and lay the straps on the floor in front of the moving items. Tie the item back and slide the strap under it, and in case of two straps, you have to repeat the same process by tipping the item forward to slip the second strap under the other side. Adjust the items in the center of the straps and use the proper lifting technique to avoid any injuries before you start.

While moving with the forearm strap, place each strap near the edge of the object and locate the correct loop to safely move the item and slipping the forearm inside. Bend your knees and lift the load by using your legs and take small steps, with one moving forward and the other moving back. Keep the weight on your legs and remove the straps from your forearms by slipping them out from under the item.

Shoulder-moving straps are an important piece of equipment for lifting and moving heavy objects. By using these straps safely and effectively, you can avoid injuries while lifting and moving heavy objects. In this blog, we cover the basics of shoulder-moveable straps and provide tips on how to use them safely and effectively. Make sure to check out our website for more helpful information on shoulder-moving straps!


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