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Real Luxury Homes Concentrate On Open Spaces

As rapid urbanization creeps into the lives of millions, the major cities and metros across the globe have been starving for open spaces. This is especially true for cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, New York, London and more.

As real estate development evolves along with many other aspects of human living, the focus has shifted to saving space, every inch of it, in new constructions. The architects, interior designers, property developers have all been meticulously planning and re likely to ensure that every possible space is saved. The average sizes of apartments possess shrunk consistently and the idea of compact homes has been accepted by almost all home buyers. These compact houses are now really small and there is no other option because the budget aspect in coveted locations is actually a priority more than the liveable space area.

So the scenario looks like this in most real estate developments today Amazing amenities, clubhouse, gym, swimming pool, gardens, rooftop jogging, etc. The only real downside is that when you are able to enjoy all these EXTERNAL amenities, the inner of your house will be becoming just like a cage.

Luxury property developers around the world have been now changing their approach to developing luxury homes. Whenever a niche category like luxury housing changes its demands, the true estate developers have got to take notice. Luxury homes are not only about exclusive amenities, concierge services, top notch amenities, branded fittings, luxury interiors but additionally majorly on the free and open space that’s available within the house in addition to within the gated community.

Let us take a look at several major luxury transactions which have happened across India in the recent times.

Mr. Vijay Shekhar Sharma Pay TM Founder has bought a sqft property in Golf Links, New Delhi in June for INR Cr approximately.

Renuka Talwar, daughter of DLF chairman bought a spacious bungalow on Prithviraj Road for approximately INR Cr.

VC Burman (Dabur Group) bought a property in Golf Links, New Delhi for theround Cr INR.

Ajit Prabhu, chairman and CEO of QuEST Global, Singapore has recently bought a spthecious , sqft residential luxury home in Four Seasons Private Residences at Embassy One, Bangalore for almost Cr INR.

There is a paradigm shift in the way a luxury consumer now approaches buying a high-class home anywhere around the world. By definition luxury in ways means owning something which is in limited quantity. Maybe it’s a restricted edition watch brand, limited edition cars, limited edition planes or limited edition homes. As habitable space becomes limited on the world, the meaning of a high-class home by default is really a house with a lot of space. Not everyone can have it and hence it is the new which means of a luxury home. The rich and famous who is able to spend a fortune possess realized that space is bound and therefore they are ready to shell out great amounts of money to buy more space in prime locations because amenities and facilities are normal now.

So every luxury property developer in any location across bustling cities, metros across the world has now also majorly started focusing on adding more open space in a house apart from creating a good structure, great personalized amenities and state of the art facilities. All the other things are expected but the high-class of space is the REAL luxury with regards to luxury property today.

The ever-expanding urbanization and pressure on land has started deteriorating the standard of life across cramped city centers and suburbs. With most Indian cities reaching an unprecedented level of saturation, it really is integrated townships that a growing number of home seekers seek, due to the lifestyles they offer.

The go-getters in todays society are increasingly looking back to go back again to nature in its purest form. That is the very reason that today many big ticket size homes are concentrating on basic elements like natural light, ventilation that would provide great air during the day and in addition homes that are organic and real. The demand is certainly for houses that feel and supply the essential human touch apart from being modern and contemporary. The freedom of space is among the biggest independences one could have in fact it is only ironical that back again to the basics may be the new luxury today.

Take the case of TOTAL ENVIRONMENT, a very different real estate development company based out of Bangalore. They make homes that are truly luxurious in terms of space, facilities but are absolutely nature centric. Every project of theirs focuses of open spaces, green areas, natural ventilation and providing the sense to be at home to every house buyer.

It is definitely a bigger chthellenge to provide luxury homes with free spaces in expensive cities like Mumbai simply because the land rates are astronomical. This is where some real estate developers are pushing the envelope and creating big spacious dwellings understanding that there are usually clients that are ready to pay that extra for the area premium.

Provenance Land is one particular property development company who is developing Four Seasons Private Residences in Worli where a standard apartment starts from sqft and the size goes higher along with the configurations. This is a super-premium location where every inch of land is pure gold and to construct big sized apartments takes a lot of clarity, vwill beion and understanding of the luxury market. Space definitely is the new luxury and hence such a development will be taking shape in such a premium location.

Every new age real estate developer and even the seasoned ones have understood clearly that if they want to attract buyers for luxury real estate in todays times, the focus has to be on creating homes that offer open spaces both outside as well as inside. They also have to focus on creating natural homes that provide the escape that everyone wants from the madness, pollution and constant pace of the city. It is not only about expensive fittings and glitzy amenities BUT the luxury home of today has to be DOWN TO EARTH too.